Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes

The time required to prepare these simple, 20-minute air-fryer potatoes are half that of oven-roasted Fryer Potatoes, yet they still come out just as crispy. This dish demonstrates that often the simplest dishes are the finest. The vegetables are perfectly crisp on the outside and delicate on the inside, and the dish is simply seasoned with olive oil. Your new favorite potato side dish may just be this!

We enjoy making quick and delicious dinners in our air fryers, such as Air Fryer Chicken Wings and Air Fryer French Fries. This recipe for Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes is a must-try if you want side dishes that can be prepared quickly!

Recipe for Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

Oven-roasted potatoes are a constant favorite of ours. However, there are occasionally not enough hours in the evening for preheating and oven roasting. On evenings like these, my best friend is the air fryer. In just 20 minutes, you can have these air fryer-roasted potatoes on the table, and they come out just as crispy and delicious.

Use this recipe to save oven space during the holidays or serve quick air fryer potatoes as a side dish throughout the week. Every time you air fry them, everyone wins. Why you’ll adore this recipe is as follows:

Quick: Roasting potatoes in the air fryer takes only half as long as roasting them in the oven.
Super Crispy – The high, dry heat and a thin layer of olive oil are responsible for these potatoes crisping up to perfection.

Easy to Scale – You can easily double this recipe and fry it in two batches. It serves 2-4 people, depending on

how hungry your crew is.

Versatile – There are countless ways to season potatoes cooked in an air fryer.


  • These simple roasted potatoes call for the following basic ingredients:
  • Yukon gold potatoes, cleaned and diced into pieces ranging from 12″ to 3″ in size.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is what I advise using to help them crisp up and brown properly. It also enhances
  • flavor greatly.
  • I season my food with a mixture of salt, Italian spice, black pepper, and garlic powder. In the section
  • below on variations, you can find more seasoning ideas. Freshly cut parsley is an optional garnish.

How to cook potatoes in the air

Here are 3 simple techniques for roasting potatoes in an air fryer:

Prepare the potatoes by washing them, then chopping them into bite-sized bits (between 12″ and 3″ thick).

Toss the potatoes in a bowl with the salt and olive oil to coat.Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

Spread the seasoned potatoes evenly throughout the air fryer basket before using it. Flipping halfway

through, air fry at 400 °F for 18 to 20 minutes, or until brown.

Serve the potatoes heated with fresh parsley as a garnish after they are crisped and fork-tender.

Advice on the Best Potatoes to Air Fry

Here are some extra pointers for air-frying potatoes:

Keep the Skins On Crispy, salted potato skins are the best, and they are also more nutrient-dense. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash and scrub the potatoes.
Aersol cooking sprays will harm the coating on your air fryer basket, so avoid using them. The potatoes won’t stick if you toss them in some olive oil.
Don’t pack the basket too tightly; the potatoes need space so that the air can flow and they can crisp up properly.

When it comes to flavoring your potatoes, have fun with them.

Here are a few simple recipe alterations:

  • Ranch Potatoes: Season to taste using a package of dry ranch seasoning.
  • To give your potatoes a southern flavor, use taco seasoning.
  • Your preferred Cajun spice blend can be used to season food.
  • Cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and lime juice are all ingredients in the dish “Chili Lime.”
  • Bacon: Add cooked, crumbled bacon to the dish.
  • Lemon and herbs, including a squeeze of lemon and fresh or dried herbs like basil, oregano, and dill.

Typical Questions

Are potatoes fried in the air healthy?

Yes, air frying is a better option than deep frying for health. Even with a small amount less oil, these potatoes still become crispy.

I don’t know how to detect when my potatoes are done.

When the outsides of your air fryer potatoes are crispy and golden brown and the interiors are tender when penetrated with a fork, they are finished. America’s Best Wings

Do my potatoes need to be soaked in water before air frying them?

It’s not necessary to soak the potatoes in water before roasting them in the air fryer for this recipe.

Which air fryer is the best?

The basket style and the toaster oven style are the two available. While the basket form is simpler throw, the toaster style cooks faster and has a slightly greater capacity, which is good for large batch cooking. Both of

they are used in our Air Fryer Recipes.

What Foods Pair Well With Air-Fried Potatoes?

Simple serving suggestions can help you turn these air fryer-roasted potatoes into a well-rounded meal:

Pair meat dishes with juicy pork tenderloin, creamy Tuscan chicken, or pan-seared steak.Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

Roasts – Ideal for a weeknight dinner with Mississippi Pot Roast or a holiday meal with a juicy roast turkey.

Vegetables: With roasted cauliflower or roasted asparagus, along with a crisp green salad.

For your upcoming meal, roast some wonderfully seasoned potatoes. Let me know in the comments what your go-to potato seasoning is.

Plan ahead

If by chance you have any leftovers, these air-fried potatoes reheat and store well.

For 4-5 days, cooked potatoes can also be stored airtight in the refrigerator.

Airtight containers or freezer bags can be used to store these air fryer-roasted potatoes frozen for up to 6

months. Before reheating cooked potatoes as stated below, let the potatoes thaw overnight.

To Reheat: I advise warming up and re-crisping frozen roasted potatoes in an air fryer at 400 degrees for a few


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